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Spring 2018 Color Palette

pantone colors of the year 2018 color trends

The Spring 2018 palette encourages a sense of fun and playful release. With an air of complexity and distinctiveness, it has a feel of a sanctuary of color that is ideal for some more unique and dramatic color mixing.

A lovely blue color “Little Boy Blue” makes you see the sky in its best blue color, great for summer style dreaming on the water. My personal favorite is of course “Arcadia”, it’s a great strong turquoise green color that makes you think of nature and ocean and turquoise waters. The other two I really like is Lime Punch and Spring Crocus -such lively and fun colors, full of energy (especially the lime!).
colors of the year - fashion trends - arcadia aqua green turquoise

The official color of the year is called Ultra Violet. It’s a real purple, no doubt! This is how Pantone describes it: “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade… Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, andpantone_ultraviolet visionary thinking that points us towards the future. Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet, like the vast and limitless night sky, suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, lighting the way to what is yet to come. Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, artistic brilliance, and spiritual reflection. Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and nonconformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”

ultra violet color of the year 2018 home decor rug
Want to use the color of the year so you can easily change it the next year? A rug, yes!
purple door knob
How about something subtle like a door knob? Works perfectly and could be a real fun addition.

colors of the year 2018 - lime punch - spring crocus


2018 Classic Color Palette

classic color palette 2018

For many individuals, classic color is the mainstay of the wardrobe and the foundational core upon which they start building their own personal style. The core classic shades play a critical role in any wardrobe, the dark blue “Sailor Blue” is a great core color that fits many styles and personalities. The beige “Warm sand” couldn’t be more neutral, great starter color for an outfit. A grey “Harbor Mist” combines excellently with the “Sailor Blue” and can be used as a perfect foundation to add more color in smaller quantities.

Whatever you choose, have fun with it! This year you have plenty of options. The purple is a statement, or go with the lime punch for some feel of tropical. The awesome green turquoise Arcadia has lots of possibilities, especially if you love the beach, ocean or lake fun. And sky blue – who doesn’t love that!

color trends 2018 arcadia lime punch spring crocus pantone colors

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