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About WUBBERS Pliers

The Wubbers fine bent chain nose pliers are about 5″ and great for detail work with nicely engineered features to prevent hand fatigue.

  • Part of the Baby Wubbers series, these unique pliers are comfortable and versatile. Handcrafted for superb quality, and engineered for comfort and control.
  • The amazing Wubber handles provide leverage without feeling bulky. Wubbers consistently outperform pliers that cost twice as much. The jaws are strong without being cumbersome. The unique Wubbers finish holds tight yet helps you protect your metal against marring. For use with wire gauges ranging from 18 to 30.
  • Chain nose pliers with new angle. These pliers will allow you to get into difficult spots with less hand and wrist fatigue. Use them to smooth down that last bit of wrapped wire, to hold small objects, and to pick out small beads and findings from their storage boxes.
  • Measurements: Pliers are approximately 5 inches long, tips are 1.7mm wide and 1mm at the narrowest point. Sturdy box joint construction. Leaf spring.

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