5 Ways to Find Creativity

5 ways to find creativity
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How to find time to be creative and make the best of it?

Time is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Every creative person needs time in order to come up with new ideas. You need to experiment and seek for inspiration. This should be done every single day, even if it’s just for a small amount of time. It’s funny how your brain has a way of processing information while you are “sleeping”, you load some imagery and ideas in to it and they will come out with inspiring you to create something awesome. Sleep and create!

Read on for five other simple ideas that will help you to find your next creative idea.

Dimitra Papadimitriou Requiem for a dream
Dimitra Papadimitriou Requiem for a Dream

Those Commitments

So how do we steal some minutes or hours out of our busy days to rekindle our creative spirit? How to make sure you have this time available for you when you need it?
Sometimes it’s just so good to say no to commitments, right? You don’t feel like it, then do something else that actually inspires you. The person will understand, especially if you explain “it’s time for myself”. it is not selfish, as long as you don’t do it all the time. And, if one of your commitments starts to feel like a drag maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.

Routines Give Time for Creativity

Many creative people don’t like to hear the word “routine”. It means something totally foreign and uncreative to them. But, don’t fear, routines can actually make your life more creative and leave you more time for creative experimentation! Routines will actually give you freedom! All those little decision we have to make every day slowly wear us down if we have to make those decisions over and over every single day. (You know, the seemingly small and meaningless things – what to wear, cook and play. This constant decision making can wear you down and steal your energy. You get tired and eventually decide you just can’t create, maybe tomorrow.

What is great about having routines is that you don’t need to decide. if you have a certain meal every wednesday over and over you don’t have to decide about it anymore, or if you always clean the bathroom on Saturday morning it is just a routine you don’t even think about. Some people spend enormous time deciding about what to wear – make a time when you decide several outfits at one time. Or, to get really crazy lay them all out once a week! This will free up more time for your creative pursuits.
Now, you might think there is no such thing as a creative routine, right? Yes,there is. If you put aside time every week at the same time for your fun experimentation that will actually produce more over time. Your brain will be ready, it has been working on it even during those boring hours you were actually producing something else quietly, in the background.

creative routines of famous people
Daily Rituals of famous creatives - RJ Andrews - info we trust


Confusion? Use journaling to organize ideas, it really is amazing how writing something down makes it more real and suddenly reorganizes the whole thought. You can use a pencil, it you feel a pen is too “permanent”. Or, if you are afraid someone may find your journals, shred them periodically, use those rip off pages. They are great! If you are a heavy gadget user then use those apps to write things down. You could even dictate, no typing required. The world is full of apps, find one that helps you store your ideas for future use.


Start Something

If you are procrastinating and afraid to start the big thing start something small and finish that. You just need to start something. It took me years to believe this but luckily I have a husband who is really a big believer in chunking. Starting something will always lead to something (deep, huh?). Yes, trust me. a seemingly unrelated activity or creation might suddenly bring out the big idea.

Get Outside

I will never believe those people who say they are just indoor people. I just wont.There is so much to catch your interest and envelop your senses outdoors, it is unlimited. Open your eyes, sniff the air, look at the birds and the trees. If you have never looked, start now. This will give your brain sensory activity that will help creative ideas to develop. Or to get new ideas, go out for a walk. Brake the routine, and do something different. Our brain cannot work efficiently for hours and hours without breaks, you need the break to make it see again.

paddling - great outdoor activity
Paddling - among other on the water fun - is a great outdoor activity to get sensory stimulation.

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