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Bronze Wide Wrap Ring


Rustic Mixed Metal Artisan Ring Bronze Wrap Ring

Pure bronze ring with Sterling Silver Fused onto bronze at high heat. This technique creates an artistic unique pattern, torch fired in artisan studio.

They look great on both men and women alike, and suit a multitude of styles, this ring has a rustic style that reminds you of Vikings.

Please note that wrap rings are usually worn at least ONE SIZE LARGER than your usual size. So if your ring size is 7 you would want a size 8 wrap ring. You can adjust them slightly. The sizing is slightly approximate because of the wrap style, and depends on which end down you wear the ring.

The width of the rings varies slightly, they are about 18 -20 mm (5/8) at the widest point.

The greenish discoloration of your skin under the ring is from the copper reacting to the pH of your sweat/skin and is normal for wearing copper rings. This discoloration will vary overtime as you shed skin cells under the ring. The color can change with activity, diet and climate. Copper (and bronze since it is an alloy of copper) are antimicrobial and antifungal, with believed health benefits, so it is a great choice for having on your finger.

I can coat the inside of the ring with jewelry clear coat if you wish to prevent discoloration on your finger. It will last for a pretty long time, but not forever since rings react with your skin oils. Just allow an extra time of two days for it to cure. Contact me through messaging.

In case the size is not quite yours when you try the ring on, please don’t hesitate to contact me to make a different size.

Handcrafted in the USA.

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