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Sandpiper Fabric Face Mask

Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $11.90.

Sandpiper fabric face mask, shore bird mask for ocean lovers and beach dwellers. This cotton mask is standard adult size, washable and reusable, eco-friendly option to keep one well covered when travel, work or commute. 100% cotton, washable, reusable mask.

Each mask comes with a solid fabric backing for more protection and 3mm cord side elastic to fit over the ears.  They are handmade “fashion” masks, I make no medical claims with regards to the usage of these masks. Wearing a fun color and a pattern you like will certainly brighten the task of having to wear one.

Fitted: Please note the size is adult medium. Measurement is 5 1/4″ high, side panels are 4 1/2″. This fits face size 4 1/2″ (measured from top of nose to chin). If your measurement is 5″ you need a bigger mask. See the model picture of fit. (fitted masks are more specific with sizing 🙂 )This design is a hybrid based on two popular fitted masks, the bottom sits just on the chin so it won’t slide under (and over your nose) when you talk.

This fabric is standard weight washable cotton. I recommend air dry, iron with steam (do not iron elastic). The size of the mask is standard adult. Contact me for other sizes.

Hand sewn in USA.

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