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Green Enamel Twist Earrings


Enamel Twist Earrings Artisan Nature Inspired Jewelry
These enameled copper spiral earrings are handcrafted from pure copper and then enameled with a torch. The firing creates wonderful surface effects and rustic features on the enamel. This is not an easy shape to enamel with a torch!  Some of the copper is left showing to create a more rustic effect. These green enamel twist earrings have  movement and three dimensional interest. Great pair for the artistic individual or someone with the love of rustic nature.
Handcrafted stainless steel earwires. (hypoallergenic). Earrings come with rubber backings that slide onto the earwire to secure the earring. The copper twist shape is 1 3/4″, total length 2 1/2″.

Handmade in USA.

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