handmade jewelry - copper handforgedBasket of Blue showcases carefully selected beautiful handmade items. We have mostly handmade jewelry, copper, brass and silver, from earrings and necklaces to hair accessories. We use mostly  techniques of torch enameling, flame painting and natural patina. The creative base station is my home studio, all the handmade jewelry is created with love and care.  Please feel free to email me for any details on items in the shop. Periodically I  incorporate other carefully selected products from other artists, items that have that something special, sometimes even selected fashion jewelry. Every handmade item is made proudly in the USA.

I believe in handmade and the careful process that goes into creating each piece. I will take any item back if you find it doesn’t please you!  I make, account, package and ship each piece specifically for you!

Please contact me at: info@basketofblue.com
You can find my design website at www.bluefinn.studio.

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vitreous powdered enamelstorch firing enamelTorch enameled copper shell



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