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Blue Shell Enameled Copper Earrings

Rustic patina blue enamel shell earrings

Blue rustic shell shape torch enameled copper earrings.  With some awesome fire patina, and the copper showing in parts to create a truly rustic shell. Ocean inspired rustic find on the beach!

Stainless steel earwires. (surgical grade)

Handmade in USA.

I handcraft the enamel jewelry in my studio. There is a lot of sanding and torching involved! The items are fired with a torch using the dipping and dangling method with several layers of enamel, one at a time. It is a careful process and requires a steady hand! I handcraft the earwires out of jewelry grade (surgical) stainless steel wire.

Long Enamel Bead Dangle Necklace

Long enamel bead dangle necklace

Long enamel bead dangle necklace with hemp. This long statement necklace has a focal blue green glass bead, pewter links and round enamel bead dangles.



Blue Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace

Blue enamel heart necklace

Blue Enamel Heart Necklace, medium blue with glass frit texture for additional interest. Handcrafted from pure copper sheet, then torch enameled with several layers of vitreous powdered enamel. Totally unique piece of blue heart jewelry!

The enameled copper shape is 2 x 1 1/2 inches. Gunmetal chain. Recycled glass beads with tiny Labradorite enhancements. Necklace length 18″ or 20″.  (18″ with a two inch extender.)

Handcrafted in USA.

Blue Enamel Art Earrings Murrini Glass Aqua Teardrop

blue oval art enamel earrings

Blue Enamel Art Earrings, Murrini Glass Blue rounded Oval Dangle enameled copper. Torch fired with pure vitreous glass enamel, with melted Murrini glass focal in the center. Do you like something a bit different, artisan made in the USA, small production items? Great with the blue sweater or denim, maybe for walks on the beach!

Enameled Copper shapes are 1 1/2 inches. Handcrafted stainless steel earwires. Total earring length is about 2 1/8 inches (53mm).

Handmade in USA.

Light Blue Torch fired Copper Enamel Dangle Earrings

Blue Enamel Small Bead Dangle Earrings

Blue enamel dangle drop earrings, Rustic fire patina with partly enameled copper rectangle dangle with glass bead enhancement. These earrings have a torch enameled copper dangle highlighted with a melted on enamel whisker and great rustic fire patina.  Great unique rustic dangle earrings with all popular color!

Stainless steel earwires.

Handmade in USA.

Enamel Angel Wing Earrings

angel wing earrings

Enamel angel wing earrings, white and sky blue, handmade in artisan studio. Every piece is slightly different due to handmade quality. Great pair for the dreamer or someone who loves blue and white.

Stainless steel earwires. The enameled copper shape is 1 1/8″.

Handmade in USA.

Green and Red Enameled Leaf Earrings

green and red leaf earrings

Colorful Enamel leaf Earrings, striking green and red nature color scheme inspired by a real leaf found on my trailwalks! Torch fired in my studio with vitreous glass enamel. Perfect pair for the nature lover, trail walker or other art enthusiast.

The enameled copper leaf is 1 1/8 inches, total length 1 3/4″ (45 mm). Handcrafted stainless steel earwires (hypoallergenic).

Handcrafted in the USA.