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How to Cut Copper Sheet with Simple Tools

how to cut copper sheet

Cutting your own copper shapes can be easier than you think. For higher gauges (meaning thinner copper) you can easily do it with standard hardware store metal snips. They look like big scissors and work the same way. For thicker copper sheet you would want to use a jewelry saw, it’s a bit slower, but […]

How to Make the Easiest Hook Clasp

Hook Clasp Tutorial

Clasps can be expensive to buy, especially if they are pure metal (not plated). I like to use pure copper clasps in my copper based necklaces and bracelets, it just seems like the right thing to do. Here’s the simplest hook clasp tutorial, I use these all the time. Fast to make, and pure copper […]

Rustic Copper Shell Patina Necklace

Rustic copper shell necklace

Copper Rustic Enameled Shell Pendant Necklace.  Handcrafted copper, fired with a torch. This copper shape is cut from pure copper sheet,  formed and shaped, enameled with a torch, part of shell left unenameled with great rustic fire patina. Totally rustic and boho!

The copper shell shape is 2 1/4″ inches wide.Leather cording, handmade copper components.

Handmade in USA.

27 Facts You Might Not Know about Copper

What is copper - history, uses, properties

Copper is an essential mineral found in plant life and in the human body and it is also a metal alloy with a reddish-orange color. The use of copper dates back over 10,000 years. Pure copper is very soft and malleable and is combined with other metals, such as brass and bronze, for use in […]

3 Big Jewelry Trends You Must Know for 2017

Statement Necklaces There is a lot of big and bold going on in the jewelry arena! The first big one is Statement necklaces. Forget the small and simple pendants because it is time for those statement ones. Statement pendants are undoubtedly catchier than the tiny ones. You can try wearing those statement pendants and necklaces […]

Fashion Trends 2017

Greenery color of the year 2017 trends

It seems that this year is all about green, because it is the selected Pantone color of the year, and also blues in various tones, and, continuing presence of pink (oh I love that!). Artistic patterns are in, as well as geometric, so anything using lots of color variation and random pattern, go for it! […]

Royal blue torch fired copper earrings

Royal Blue Enamel and Crystal Dangle Earrings

Royal blue and copper flame patina earrings. The bottom of the copper shape is dipped to enamel and the rest has a nice torch fired patina. This blue is so nice and the Czech faceted crystal complements the Royal color real nicely! Blue rustic artisan torch fired enameled copper earring dangles with a blue fire polished crystal.
The copper shape is 1/2″, total earring length 1 3/4″. Copper wire. Flamed copper earwires.