Rustic Brass Oak Leaf Barrette


Brass Barrette Oak Leaf Hair Clip, Mixed metal look rustic barrette. Handcrafted from pure brass, torch fired, metal balls soldered on the brass for a rustic natural look, copper tones coming through the metal. Nice one of a kind torched rustic metal hair clip, no other one quite like this one is going to walk by! This leaf barrette was handcut from brass sheet, shaped and formed and then torch fired. The top side is sealed with jewelry clear coat. Glued with a high grade glue that stays a bit flexible to take the repeated use. Unique handmade creations for your special hair accessory collection!

About 5 x 2 inches. Standard 3 inch barrette spring clasp.

The barrette clip is a  3 inch size clip (medium). It will generally accommodate all of thinner or fine hair and with thicker hair you can wear it office chic with part of the hair pulled back with it or over a ponytail holder where you attach it to just part of the hair.

Handmade in the USA.

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