Copper Fish Barrette, handcrafted flamed copper hair clip


Copper fish barrette hair clip, natural flamed copper handmade rustic hair clip, handforged copper fish shape. Flamed (fire painted) with a hand torch to all natural copper colors created by the heating process. The coloring is a warm copper to brass. Depending on the lighting the natural color will look different.
The barrette clip is a standard 3 inch size clip. The top side of the copper fish is coated with a high quality jewelry clear coat to prevent oxidation (darkening). This handcrafted copper fish is a unique item, every one is special, no two are exactly alike.

SIZE: 4 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ (The widest part is 1 1/2 inches).

Handcrafted in PA.



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