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Blue Patina Cuff Rustic Bracelet


Blue Copper Patina Cuff, rustic natural patina on copper. Hammered and fold formed with two central folds to create a unique shape. This cuff bracelet has copper exposed for a fun look and highlights. Great rustic jewelry with wonderful color! Sealed with high grade jewelry clear coat.

The copper is 24 gauge thickness. The cuff is formed on a medium size mandrel (7″)  – ideally for about 6  – 7  inch wrist. It can be adjusted for a bit larger or smaller.

Don’t know how to put a cuff on? You roll it sideways onto your wrist through the cuff opening. There is a soft spot higher in your wrist where you can actually push the end of a cuff in a bit and then roll.
Every cuff has unique patina that is grown naturally for several days.
 Handmade in the USA.