Handmade Copper Fish Cuff Brass Fish Bracelet


Copper cuff bracelet with riveted brass fish focal, brass and copper cuff, fish cuff, mixed metal cuff bracelet, rustic handmade copper jewelry, flamed with a torch for color. Coated with high quality jewelry clear coat to prevent the oxidation and greening of the arm. Every one is unique, special fish. If you love sea creatures and water, this fish is for you!
Fits wrists about 6 – 7 inches, the cuff can be slightly resized by carefully bending.

SIZE: 1 1/4 inches wide.

Sealed with a high grade jewelry clear coat. (If you worry about darkening-oxidation, this won’t give you the green arm!) The copper is 24 gauge, it is a light to medium thick copper, the riveted fish gives this cuff a bit more substance so the cuff feels a grade thicker.

This cuff is shaped round (cuffs are usually formed round or slightly oval). It can be resized to fit your arm by slightly bending. Note that it is not advisable to repeatedly size a cuff. Any metal will eventually tire if it is constantly reformed. If you size it once to fit your wrist and use the roll on roll off technique to put it on you won’t have to keep sizing it.

Don’t know how to put a cuff on? You roll it sideways onto your wrist through the cuff opening. If you are unsure search for a video on youtube with instructions on how to put a cuff on (there are several)!

Handcrafted in the USA.

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