Brass and Copper Coin Hand Stamped Horse Necklace


Horse Necklace, Copper and brass coin pendant hand stamped horse necklace. The double charm necklace was hand stamped with a real vintage European coin. This is a stylized idea of an ancient coin, a found coin necklace. The coin used is a 20 P Irish coin from the 80’s. Unique coin jewelry! Also, if you or a friend happens to be a horse lover it is a perfect piece to talk about.

Handcrafted out of pure copper and brass, the coin impression is hand stamped. Both pieces are coated with a high grade jewelry clear coat to prevent tarnish.

The copper disc is about 1″ and brass disc 1 1/4″. Length is 16-18″ slightly adjustable. Gold plated lobster claw clasp, gold plated hamilton satin brass chain.

Handcrafted in USA.


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