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Blue Enamel Earrings with Melted Copper Wire

Blue Enamel Triangle Wire Swirl Earrings

Rustic torch enameled pure copper, vitreous glass enamel with fun melted copper wire swirls. These copper shapes were handcrafted from copper sheet (cut, shaped, hammered, sanded) then enameled with a torch, the copper wire swirls are melted on top to provide dimension and design interest. Blues with a hint of pink and lemon yellow at the bottom. Need something unique and a little different? Handmade jewelry for everyday!

Copper shapes are 1 inches (26 mm), total earring length 1 5/8″.
Handcrafted stainless steel earwires. (hypoallergenic)

Handmade in USA.

Blue Paddle Stripe Rustic Enamel Earrings

Blue Paddle Stripe Enamel Earrings

Blue stylized paddle shape, torch enameled with blue and green with a white melted enamel stripe. Handcrafted from pure copper and torch fired with sky blue and mint green lovely shades.

Copper shapes are 1 1/4″, total earring length 1 3/4 inches.
Handcrafted stainless steel earwires. (hypoallergenic)

Handmade in the USA.


Green Fold Formed Rustic Enamel Earrings

Green Fold Formed Enamel Earrings

Tonal greens created with torch enameling, these green fold formed rustic enamel earrings are a great statement pair. Pure copper is fold formed with a ridge in the center and then torch enameled, finished with a transparent green that gives a great luster.

Stainless steel earwires. The enameled copper rectangle is 1 1/2″.

Handmade in USA.

Painterly Enamel Earrings with Bead Dangle Art

picasso art enamel dangle earrings

Painterly enameled copper earrings with a green glass bead dangle. Picasso style enamel earrings, many colors mixed together for a fun effect. These were torch fired with vitreous glass enamel and while heated the swirls were created by mixing with a rod on colorful enamel whiskers. Every pair is unique!

Handcrafted stainless steel earwires.

Handmade in the USA.


Royal Green Torch fired Copper Enamel Earrings

green enamel rustic dangle earrings

These earrings were inspired by the greens in nature and some fun textures from the walking path. The copper piece  is rustic, partly left with fire patina and bottom half is enameled. Fun crusty crumble was dipped on the bottom. Torch fired with vitreous glass enamels, recycled glass bead enhancement. Great rustic but bright colorful dangle earring!

Stainless steel earwires. Total length 1 1/2 inches (40mm).

Handmade in USA.

Green Rustic Wave Enamel Earrings

Green Enamel Wavy Earrings

Green enamel earrings with rustic hammered texture and rectangular shape. This shape works with almost anything, the textural difference makes it interesting and catches the eye. Enamel whiskers melted on top to enhance the wavy ocean feel of the earrings. You can remember good times by the ocean, pure copper with vitreous glass enamel, ancient technique, ancient material from the earth.

The enameled copper shape is about 1 1/4 inches, total length of the earrings little less than 2″.

Stainless steel earwires.

Handmade in USA.

Blue Flower Enamel Earrings

Blue Enamel Flower Earrings

Blue flower torch enameled copper earrings. These lovable blue flowers are carefully handcrafted and enameled with a torch with several layers of enamel. Nice orange in the center. Blue flower earrings for the blue lover!

Stainless steel earwires.

Handmade in USA.